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By accessing or using the website snap catch, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. The website is owned and controlled by Thomas Kragh.

The following Terms & Conditions affects your legal rights and obligations, and if you in anyway does not agree to be bound by all of these Terms & Conditions, do not access or use the Service.

If, at any time, The Service will provide a special feature, that has its own terms of use or terms & conditions, this will be noted before the use of this special feature, and the terms & conditions regarding to the special feature will be applied in addition to these Terms & Conditions. If the two Terms & Conditions conflict, these Terms & Conditions will overrule the terms & conditions regarding to the special feature.

You agree to not post or upload any partially or fulle nude, unlawful, hateful, discriminatory, , pornographic or sexually suggestive photos, text or other content to or via the Service.

You agree to not do any harm to other people – this includes, but is not limited to stalking, defaming, bullying, abusing, threaten, impersonating or intimitating of people, companies or entities.

You agree, that you won’t acquire, solicit, collect or use the login credentials of a user.

You are responsible of keeping your password – and login credentials in general – secure and secret.

Snap catch has no tolerance for objectionable content and can close your account at any time.

You agree to not use any company names, words, slogans or other names that is related to or registered under any law in any country.

You agree to not uploade any content on your profile, that could violate any person and/or company’s rights.

Profile descriptions or other text contained in your profile can not contain domain names or URL’s to webpages, sexual implicit or explicit content.

You agree to not upload pictures with nude or in any other way sexual content. You agree that you own all right to any content you upload.

You agree that you do not violate any copyright or any other property laws with the content, including but not limited to pictures and text, you upload to the website.

You give Snap Catch the right to use your content in any marketing material regarding to Snap Catch or any associated websites.

By accepting these terms & conditions, your accepting, that Snap Catch and/or the Service is showing you advertising material and promotions throughout the Service.

The cookies used could be for showing you as relevant content as possible, to give you a better experience and tracking your experience.

The cookie data could also be used for marketing and/or promotional purposes.

We are using Google Analytics for tracking and statistic.

If these Terms & Conditions is not followed strictly, Snap Catch has the rights to close your account without notice and you will not have the possibility to hold Snap Catch accountable for any losses.

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